Triplegodessa The Triple Goddess Emerges

The Triple Goddess Emerges

The original Triple Goddess emerged while I was living in Luxembourg in 1993 and I found myself without a potter's wheel. On daily walks to work through beautiful gardens scattered throughout the city, I collected and drew seedpods and other natural forms. Then I began making sculpture from the drawings. One day, thighs and breasts emerged and I had a human figure standing in front of me. The spirals that I had long used in pottery fit perfectly for a head. When people saw the pieces, they told me all about the history and meaning of the Triple Goddess, through time, across culture. I had not intended to call her out, but she came. Her ancient form and benevolent, joyous spirit have influenced much of my work since then.

These pieces are made from a raku clay body bisque fired to 1860 degrees. After bisque firing, they are glazed and/or smoke fired. They are 18-36 inches in height. Triple Goddess the First, 1995. 26" tall. Collection of the artist.

goddess ESP

ESP, 2009. 30" tall.

goddess skirted white

Skirted Goddess, 9/2008. 19" tall. Collection Of Mary Carol Koester.

goddess l'elephant

L'Elephant 2008. 29" tall.

goddess spine

Goddess #5, 2008. Smoke fired ceramics. 35" tall. Collection of Diane Labelle.