Collage work with polycarbonates, vinyls, tapes

It's been exciting to work with new materials from Nu-Art Graphics- our screen printing and die cutting business. I sketch designs which are then are cut on a plotter out of polycarbonate and vinyl, then collaged with other found materials such as the barcodes from my old business and various kinds of tape. The photos do not show the variations in the reflectivity of the materials very well. Some are as shiny as a mirror, others satin matt, others completely flat.

stencil glottal

#00113. 12x8". Paper, vinyl, polycarbonate, foil tape, found materials. May 5, 2012


#00127b. 10x12". Polycarbonate, vinyl, various tapes and foils, mylar, x-ray, barcode label. June 6, 2012.


#00130. 16x20". Polycarbonate, vinyl, various tapes and foils, mylar, paper, barcode. May 6, 2012.

New Paintings

I am painting again. Still using paste paper and combing as a base, then drawing onto it with free-hand, two-handed rhythmic gesture- until a form emerges. After layering color, sections are cut out with an exacto knife, then polycarbonate and other materials are collaged in behind and on top. I am interested in counterbalancing curvacious, organic forms with geometric structure. The polycarbonates come from off cuts of industrial screen printing and die cutting at Nu-Art Graphics Inc.

triangle head

March, 2012. 28x32".


April, 2012. 32x28". Watercolor background, cut paper, use of inks more so than acrylic.


April, 2012. 28x32". Acrylic, polycarbonate.


"House". 24x32". 5/12/2012. Acrylic, ink, corn starch paste, polycarbonate, found materials.