Pottery and Birdbaths

My pottery and painting are intertwined. During the past few years, I have been making stoneware tableware, fermentation and food storage vessels, funereal and memorial urns, and big, tall patio pots. I thank my teacher of the past several years, James Pastore, for inspired guidance and superb technical knowledge.


Small Plates, 2019

Small plates Small Plates 201

These plates are made for daily use in kitchens like yours and ours where small makes sense. These are 6-10" wide, microwave and dishwasher safe. $40-50.

Nipple Jars 2019

Nipple Jars Nipple Jars 201

These jars feature very tight fitting lids and trance like design. 3-5" tall, they can be used for food storage, for secret stash and little treasures. I use them for storing Miso and other condiments.

Fiesta Vases, 2018

Fiesta Vases Fiesta Vases 201

Made of highly durable stoneware, these vases can be used indoors or outdoors. From 18-26" tall.

Ceramic Fermentation Crocks

ceramic fermenters 
Ceramic Fermentation Crocks

In January 2016, I began making pots again at Goggleworks Center for the Arts. I hadn't worked at GW for several years and had not made function tableware in decades. I was inspired by an incredible young ceramist, James Pastore, the ceramics studio manager and teacher. I took a throwing class with him and he has become a great mentor. These are ceramic vegetable fermenters designed for making pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut. They come with cast glass weights! 12" tall, fired to cone 6.

cereal bowls

Cereal bowls 5" tall. White stoneware fired to cone 6.

salad bowls

Salad bowls, 6" tall. White Stoneware fired to cone 6.

pasta bowls

Low, wide pasta bowls, made especially for Terry. There is a well maintained,
reliable, and beautiful family of glazes at Goggleworks ceramics studio.
I love to layer!