Pottery and Birdbaths

I was trained as a potter at Penn State University. Although I rarely make wheel thrown pots these days, I use the wheel regularly as a tool for making sculptural components. There are references to pottery forms in my sculpture and paintings. I have recently been making Memorial Urns to contain ashes and often work with families on custom designs.

The decorative ceramic birdbaths are made by hand. The basin is made from rolled slab and the stand is made on the potter's wheel. Each one is custom painted, according to client choice. They stand 30" tall but can be custom made to any size. Durable and beautiful in the yard or garden, birds will flock to enjoy a bath.


Fiesta Vases, 2018

Fiesta Vases Fiesta Vases 201

Made of highly durable stoneware, these vases can be used indoors or outdoors. From 18-26" tall.

Fiesta Vases

Fiesta Vases in salmon, goldenrod, and midnight purple. 24" tall.

Ceramic Fermentation Crocks and tableware, 2016

ceramic fermenters 

Ceramic Fermentation Crocks and tableware 201

In January 2016, I began making pots again at Goggleworks Center for the Arts. I hadn't worked at GW for several years and had not made function tableware in decades. I was inspired by an incredible young ceramist, James Pastore, the ceramics studio manager and teacher. I took a throwing class with him and he has become a great mentor. These are ceramic vegetable fermenters designed for making pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut. They come with cast glass weights! 12" tall, fired to cone 6.

cereal bowls

Cereal bowls 5" tall. White stoneware fired to cone 6.

salad bowls

Salad bowls, 6" tall. White Stoneware fired to cone 6.

pasta bowls

Low, wide pasta bowls, made especially for Terry. There is a well maintained,
reliable, and beautiful family of glazes at Goggleworks ceramics studio.
I love to layer!