Wall Sculptures

Wall sculptures evolve from one of my favorite drawing process- attentive doodling- as shown in drawings on right. I begin by making freeform scribbles or doodles on a clean page. They tend to be symetrical, rhythmic, and repetitive. They remind me of mandalas, meditating, and dancing. Gradually, organic forms and shapes emerge. Then, I begin to draw intentionally, moving the image toward some kind of resolution.

Geometric, mechanical elements balance and give structure to softer, organic forms. The battleship and cruciform shapes reflect sorrow and danger, but also unity between the organic and crystalline worlds.

Wall sculptures are made by forming pinched shapes, hollowing them out, and attaching them to a base. They are glazed and then smoke fired for depth of color. They are 12-18 tall, and project from the wall by 4-8".

wall jewel 800px

Jewel, 2009. Handbuilt Ceramics. 21X12".

wall winged bsg 800px

Winged BSG, 2009. Handbuilt Ceramics. 15x18".

Wall pinksmoke

Prades, 2007

wall aix new

Aix, 2007

wall sashay

Sashay, 2005

wall l elephant

L'Elephant, 2005

wall trilabial

Trilabial, 2006

wall torridor 17

Torridor, 2004