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Bunyip Sculpture

The Bunyip series developed when I made drawings, then paintings, of older Goddess sculptures. In the paintings, silhouettes emerged and I saw great sculptural potential in them. When my husband saw the first sculptures, he declared, "That's Bertie the Bunyip!" I had never heard of Bertie or Bunyips until that moment. After researching Bunyips, I decided to name the series after them. The true Bunyip is a mythical creature, a swamp monster, from Australian folklore who is often a malevolent trickster. For me, these pieces come from the mysterious intersection of myth, human, and machine. They work as a counterbalance to the benevolence and joy of my Goddess sculpture. They are approximately 30" tall.

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Studies and work related to the Bunyip Sculptures


This is a small drawing made in magic marker. It is one of the first times that I drew my own sculpture. Drawing. Marker, 2008. 8x14"

Palcho's Products Drawings & Paintings - Acrylic Paintings Untitled 8

I began painting and layering various images of figurative sculpture and as I did, new forms emerged. Untitled Painting #8. Acrylic, 2008. 22x30"

Palcho's Products - La Mal Maestsra - Acrylic

Figurative forms began to gain clarity and solidity. As the paintings evolved and became more coherent, the figures were calling to be turned into freestanding sculpture. Untitled Painting #1. Acrylic 2008. 22x30"

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