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Botanical Extracts for Body Care, Culinary, and Medicinal Purposes 2/6/2024, 10 am-1 pm

Learn to make wonderful herbal extracts that can be used for body care, culinary and medicinal purposes. Extracts are made by soaking botanical materials in a menstruum or solvent such as water, vinegar, alcohol, glycerine, and oil. First, we will review the purposes and functions of various herbal extracts. Then, depending on availability you decide which products would be most useful for you. We will use only plants and raw materials that have a long history of safe and effective use. We will prepare 5 herbal extracts from the following selections. You will finish them at home by straining them, after the infusion period. Students will bring basic kitchen supplies, jars, and readily available plants materials to class (garlic, peppers, herbs). This class is a great follow up to Edible Weed Walk and Foraging Classes because you learn how to use the plants you have learned to collect. We will make:

РVinegar Extracts such as Four Thieves, Bone Vinegar, Queen of Hungary’s Water and Fire Cider
– Infused Oil Extracts such as anti-viral Oregano Shield Oil, Dandelion Blossom Oil for aches and pains, Calendula and Lavender Oil for skin and facial care
– Alcohol Extracts, known as Tinctures or Cordials such as Elderberry, Fennel, Basil, Hyssop, Ginger, Turmeric, Echinacea, Holy Basil (Tulsi) and Chamomile.

Each student will have their own station in a very clean, spacious studio with excellent HVAC and HEPA filtration.

If you have questions about ingredients or allergies, please contact me. It is often possible to customize product ingredients. All classes include handouts and recipes so you can continue making products after the class at home.

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Feb 06 2024


Karen’s Studio, Fleetwood, PA



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