Edible Weed Walk and Foraging Classes

This class is available for private and group scheduling, at your place or mine. Contact me to plan and schedule by calling 610-389-8316 or emailing kpalcho@gmail.com. The best season for doing weed walks in eastern PA is from mid to late April, through October.

Learn how to identify and use common weeds of eastern Pennsylvania. “Weeds” are some of the most safe, nutritious, and valuable of all plants. Join me in a seasonally changing search for wild plants such as mustard, violet, bittercress, watercress, chickweed, dandelion, nettle, false nettle, self-heal, burdock, milkweed, shamrock, red clover, raspberry and all cane fruits, and more.

Learn how to forage for wild plants by learning about identification; sustainable, safe and legal harvest; and use of our common herbs and plants. Please note, this is not a harvesting class unless we meet on your own or other private property with permission.

shows chickweed plant
Chickweed- dainty and delicious

Classes can be held in several places. We can meet in your own backyard and neighborhood. We can meet at local parks, state forests, and recreational areas. There are many farms in the area that will allow guests. Each walk lasts for two hours. The first part is identification: looking closely at the plants, noting how and where they grow, and taking notes and photographs. The second part is sitting down and learning how to use the plants for culinary, medicinal, and other purposes. I will provide many books, guides, and online resources so that we can learn about historical and contemporary uses.
*Mushrooms: While I am glad to help identify mushrooms I do not have the expertise to guarantee safety. I will point you in the right direction but cannot take responsibility in regards to mushrooms.

Cost: 2 hour class is $100 for up to 3 students. Each additional student is $25.

Please contact me to schedule your own private class for scheduling at your place or mine.

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