Hard Cider Brewing Class

Mar 24, 2020

Every October, I offer a hard cider brewing class. There is currently one scheduled for October and registration is open under pre-scheduled classes. However, I can teach a custom private class at almost any time of year. The circumstances can vary greatly. But one way or another, I can teach you how to make cider using my supplies and equipment. This can be done at your place or mine. Please contact me for details.

To give you an idea, this is the description for the class that I teach every fall: Turning fresh apple cider into delicious fermented hard cider is the easiest and most enjoyable of fermentation processes. We obtain most our juice from regional orchards in late October then meet to learn about all aspects of cider making. We will press as much fresh, local apples and crabapples as we can! Each student completes the course with approximately 3 gallons of bottled cider, customized to personal taste with choices of yeasts, fruit, and herbs and spices. Intermediate students with prior experience will gain increased knowledge about all aspects of cider making through instruction and independent study.

All classes are designed around Covid social distancing practices including mandatory masks. Each student will have their own station.

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