Hard Cider Brewing Class

This class is available for private and group scheduling, at any time of year at my studio in Fleetwood, PA. I offer a large group course every October during the fresh apple harvest. This is a longer and more extensive course than the private class outlined here. Contact me to plan and schedule by calling 610-389-8316 or emailing kpalcho@gmail.com.

Turning fresh apple cider into delicious fermented hard cider is the easiest and most enjoyable of fermentation processes. In this ‘off-season,’ private class, students may obtain their own cider juice, or may get it through me. Seasonal availability varies widely according to region- I usually get juice at Weaver’s Orchard, Weiss Markets or Wegman’s. We then meet to learn about various aspects of basic cider making. Each student completes the course with approximately 3 gallons of finished cider, customized to personal taste with choices of yeasts, fruit, and herbs and spices. Intermediate students with prior experience will gain increased knowledge about various aspects of cider making through instruction and independent study.

Class is $150.00 per person. This includes 4 meetings of 1.5-2 hours each spread over approximately 2 months, and yields approximately 3 gallons of finished, bottled cider.

The studio is a huge, open space with 18 foot ceilings, an excellent HVAC system with HEPA filtration. It is clean, bright and comfortable.

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