Karen’s Wild Ales Perpetuum Solera Sour Project

In November of 2014, I purchased a 60 gallon oak barrel that had previously fermented red wine. In 3 back to back double brew days, I filled it with a rustic farmhouse ale- pils, lots of unmalted grains, and a little special B to match the hardiness of the red wine oak. The barrel was innoculated with Brett Bruxellensis and Lambicus. Once they were established, I added pedioccocus hoping for a richer, deeper sourness than Lactobacillus usually gives. In December, 2015, I pulled the first 10 gallons. 5 gallons were bottled as is and 5 were dry-hopped with amarillo, galaxy, and mosaic. The new beer is called Perpetuum Solera Sour. See the label art on right. My friend Josh Darnell brewed the replacement beer and we hope for him to pull again in a couple of months. I love the Solera method! As of summer 2020, the barrel is still rocking! Perpetuum Solera Sour lives on.

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